ConneXions Kolkata is a small business with a big heart.  We are part of a much larger NGO caEmmanuel Ministries Calcutta. EMC is a movement of people who believe that each individual has intrinsic value and deserve respect and dignity. They have many different projects around the city and we are proud to be one of them.

Studies show that women tend to invest most of their incomes (90%) back into the well-being of their families.  Investing in women and girls results in long-term social and economic benefits for everyone.

Women in the local slum communities have minimal options. Poverty has marginalised them from wider society and robbed many of educational opportunities. Marriage at a young age and a life of poverty is all many see in their future.

Women in this strongly patriarchal community, are generally not allowed to work outside of the home. Their husbands are generally low skilled casual workers. Families face many social issues which impact upon their ability to thrive and change the prospects for the next generation. But things can change…