A team of 6 women (featured in the above photo) from the local slum community (lead by Markus and Katharina Freudiger from Switzerland) began handmade card and paper bag production. Jaya Mondal (second from the left) a young woman from the Mollahati slum with great potential also begins work.


ConneXions becomes its own independent business unit and moves production to a locally rented premises.


ConneXions is strengthened by becoming a part of Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta (EMC). Bapi Bag from EMC takes on co-leadership of the business with Jaya Mondal.

Kantha Sari blankets become a new product line -Connexions has grown with 40 to 60 women sewing sari blankets and making cards & paper bags. There are now 3 office staff – Bapi, Jaya & a tailor master. The first children’s club is started with 24 children in attendance.


The current building is purchased (directly opposite the Mollahati community). This allows for further expansion.

Sari bag production starts. There is now 4 support staff running the business. At the end of 2007, Markus and Katharina return to Switzerland but stay connected encouraging the Indian based leadership team.


ConneXions breaks 50 Lakh turnover and begins to significantly start to co-finance EMC projects among the urban poor.


The school uniform tailoring initiative is started – the first batch of women receive training. In partnership with EMC, a micro-credit programme is started. 5 women borrow ₹10,000 each to purchase a sewing machine and offer alteration services and dressmaking to the wider community.


There are currently 65 – 80 women involved in Sari blanket production, 13 women making cards and 13 focused on Sari bag production. The children’s club continues – with regular weekly meetings and 65 children involved.