Sari bags which come in a variety of design styles. Each bag is unique depending on the colours and patterns of the saris used. There is a plentiful supply of used sari fabric available locally and the saris are carefully washed and inspected for imperfections before being transformed into beautiful Kantha stitched bags.

Non-sari bag designs For those looking for a plain design style in canvas or cotton we have a range of bag designs for you to choose from (MOQ’s apply).  Cotton and canvas can be purchased from local markets. We can work with you to fulfil your design requirements.

Quality – a stand out feature of ConneXions bags is the quality of our finish. We regularly receive positive feedback on this point from satisfied customers. Our in-house training and production supervision ensures that women involved in producing bags for ConneXions, learn excellent skills. Our use of quality hardware and zips means the bags look great and last well.

Capacity In our bag unit we currently have 13 women onsite full time. We are small but growing, our size means we do have limited capacity. Lead times vary depending on the order size, complexity of design and current orders in production. We will clearly communicate expected lead times at the beginning of the order process and work hard to ensure your order is ready on time.