Womens empowerment

Like most social issues the answers are complex and require multiple approaches.  At Connexions, we see many everyday things keeping women trapped at the bottom of economic and social development.

  • Families choose to give sons extra or more nutritious food and girls miss out.
  • Boys are encouraged to go further c_0881.jpgin education and more resources are provided for them.
  • Many girls are married early (under 18 years old)
  • Women and girls are severely restricted in regards to work opportunities and paid poorly.
  • Women frequently have little say in how their hard-earned wages are spent.
  • Women are frequently not allowed to work outside of the home.

At ConneXions we work hard to provide as many women as possible with opportunities for economic empowerment.  We encourage and support them. We understand their c_015situations and are willing to work within the constraints that have been placed on them.

We talk about empowerment and have assisted many women to access education,    skills training, vocational pathways and microfinance loans.  We try to create a supportive hope-filled community.



Homebased Production

One of the special things about a ConneXions blanket or card is


Almost all these products are produced within the homes of the women who work for us.  Patriarchy is alive and well in Kolkata and women are frequently not allowed to work outside of the home.

They are expected to do all the household chores, collect water and care for children.  However, they are allowed to come to Connexions, collect raw materials and then work in their spare time making beautiful blankets and cards.

They feel safe and happy surrounded by their own things in their own home.  They are available to tend to any household jobs and can look after their children.  For ConneXions it also means we can take on anyone who wants to work because we don’t have to make space for them on site – It is a win-win